A collaborative approach to business

Opinionated: we are committed to voicing our industry opinions and diving into subjects to provide straight up answers to our clients. 

Forward-thinking: we put a strong focus on moving beyond the status quo and developing new ways of thinking.

Collaboration: we are devoted to become true partners for every single one of our clients. 

Aster Fab is not a traditional consulting firm.

Our team combines strong innovation, venture and sustainability expertise.

  • Innovation

    We help you stay at the forefront of tech trends and anticipate the fundamental shifts that will impact your business.

    With other 20+ years of experience, we will assists you in structuring Open Innovation & CVC departments and defining investment theses right through to optimizing process workflows.

  • Venture

    We leverage Aster’s deep roots in the startup ecosystem – that we have cultivated for over two decades – to provide collaboration/investment advice, from innovative partner sourcing to thorough due diligence.

    With offices in San Francisco, Tel Aviv, London, Paris and Nairobi, our team will expand your network with our own.

  • Sustainability

    Driven by the belief that sustainability and innovation go hand in hand, we encourage players to leverage advanced technology to intensify their sustainability efforts.

    With our GHG and carbon assessments, we will support your contribution to a carbon-neutral world.

Our focus

We are focused on the most traditional and carbon-intensive
industrial sectors.

Key areas of focus:
> Agriculture & Food
> Building & Construction
> Chemicals
> Energy
> Manufacturing
> Transportation & Logistics

> Europe
> North America
> Africa
> Israel

A strong commitment to sustainability

As part of the Aster Family, we are immensely proud to be part of the below initiatives.


We work hand in hand with Aster’s investment team – who spread their time between Aster HQ in Paris and London, San Francisco, Tel Aviv and Nairobi.
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What we do

We are committed to providing you with guidance at every stage of your innovation cycle.
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