Our client, a provider of smart pay-as-you-go meters to the largest LPG distributors in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, is on a mission to expand clean cooking to millions of households in the developing world.

The eruption of Covid-19, was a good opportunity to take stock of strategic issues and redesign its business model. From a technology-centric product line, we sought to reposition the client at the center of the offering.

The mission

We carried out a study divided into three steps:

  • A benchmark study to paint a complete picture of competitors’ business models and value propositions
  • A Voice of the Customer (VoC) survey to better understand their pain points in order to redesign a more value-creating offer. We interviewed several clients and prospects to gather field information on the primary pain points that needed to be addressed.
  • A playbook with a brand-new value proposition, a redesigned business model and a newly built commercial offer

Key figures

benchmarked startups

To carry out the benchmarking analysis and to better understand the positioning of our client’s competitors, we conducted interviews with 20 similar small and large scale companies in terms of business model, services, product features, etc.


To redesign our client’s offer, the closest to its clients’ needs, we organized workshops with clients across 3 different countries to identify and rank their pain points and their feedback about the solution offered.