Aster Fab recognized as one of SAIPEM’s 3
trusted Open Innovation partners in 2020

We love working with Aster Fab – they broaden our analysis horizon and increase the speed with which we move towards the future.
Head of the Saipem Innovation Factory

What our clients look for…

To better harness the weak signals of the future 

We paint a complete picture of all the mega trends, disruptive forces and drivers shaping your industry to help you think ahead and understand what the future of your industry will look like.

CASE STUDY We helped a leading player better understand the emerging trends in the hybridization of buildings. Read more here.

To fast-track business transformation

We identify and prioritize high-growth transformation opportunities to help you maximize your business resilience and focus your efforts.

CASE STUDY We helped a leading player reinvent its historical business through digital transformation. In this context, we conducted an acculturation and reflection session on the prospects of digital twin services and its potential for the company. Read more here.

To successfully venture beyond core businesses

We explore business models, technologies and market practices to help you capture growth opportunities in emerging markets.

CASE STUDY We helped a leading Oil & Gas player investigate several diversification opportunities in adjacent markets, consistent with their know-how and aligned with their environmental agenda. In this context, we sourced and assessed 420+ startups which led to 5 concrete partnerships. Read more here.

Leading clients we’ve worked with…


We work hand in hand with Aster’s investment team – who spread their time between Aster HQ in Paris and London, San Francisco, Tel Aviv and Nairobi.
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As a spin-off of Aster, we exist at the nexus of Venture Capital and Consulting. For over 20 years, we have helped leaders transform even the most traditional industries.
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