Fast-tracking decarbonization roadmaps into action

Decarbonization levers: we support our clients in conducting carbon emission assessments (scope 1, 2 & 3), establishing decarbonization trajectories and drafting innovation roadmaps.

Technology deep dives: we leverage our industry expertise to map the key technologies available and under development to achieve your decarbonization objectives.

Partner matchmaking at scale: we draw on our strong roots in the global startup ecosystem to quickly introduce you to the right startups worldwide — from the most mature to the hidden gems — that solve your complex problems.

Hands-on investment and acquisition support: our team is made up of investors with two decades of experience in the decarbonization space, who are best placed to advise you at every stage of a deal closing.

We’re a singular decarbonization partner.

We’re a team of experts, investors and entrepreneurs bringing a three-dimensional approach to decarbonization.

  • Open Innovation

    Wherever you are in your decarbonization journey, we galvanize action by empowering innovation, sustainability, venture capital and M&A teams to insightfully tap into the startup gold mine.

    From the design and set up of open innovation vehicles (incubators, accelerators, CVC funds, venture builders, etc.) to taking charge of the engagement with startups, we support our clients to source the hidden gems that solve their complex problems.

  • CVC & M&A

    We leverage Aster’s two decades of venture capital experience in hard-to-abate industries to provide support to CVC and M&A departments.

    From deal sourcing and deal valuation to term sheet drafting and negotiation, we support our clients at every stage of a deal’s closing.

  • Decarbonization

    Driven by the belief that decarbonization and innovation go hand in hand, we encourage decarbonization leaders to leverage advanced technology to intensify their sustainability efforts.

    From carbon assessment (scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3) and decarbonization trajectories to innovation roadmaps, we support our clients to turn Net Zero plans into climate-worthy action.

A strong commitment to sustainability

As part of the Aster Family, we are immensely proud to be part of the below initiatives.


The term ‘hard-to-abate sector’ refers to any sector for which the transition [to net zero] is not nearly so straightforward, because they either lack the technology or its cost remains prohibitive.

Meet the team


We are a team of investors, decarbonization experts, strategy & innovation consultants and entrepreneurs.

Meet the team