Making innovation the engine of growth


Find inspiration for growth
from the analysis of startups dynamics


Use an external expert eye
to make the right strategic decision


Structure and deploy
relevant innovation initiatives

What we offer

A better understanding of Future and Emerging Trends

We help companies identify the technologies, business models and key driving forces disrupting their industry through the analysis of clusters of startups.

Match-making and Startup engagement scenarios

We help companies foster startup engagement through the identification of relevant collaboration scenarios and investment opportunities.

Tailored frameworks to design and implement Open Innovation

We help companies find their pioneering path into the future and get their break-through innovation off the ground.

Startups impact and reshape value chains

One startup only represents the tip of the iceberg. By aggregating and analyzing an abundance of startups – emerging, thriving or even failing – deep transformations can be highlighted in an accelerated timeframe: new or faster routes to markets, nascent technologies, disruptive business models, new market spaces.

Our secret sauce

Uniquely backed by a Venture Capital fund, Aster Fab draws upon the expertise and 20+ years of expertise of Aster, to help medium-sized and large companies gain trend intelligence, engage with startups and shape the future of their industries through innovation.

200 000


as our screening basis

+3 000


met and assessed each year



based in the key innovation hubs worldwide: Paris, San Francisco, Tel-Aviv, London and Nairobi



working daily with the best entrepreneurs on the most innovative projects



addressing digital transformation and new industrial business models

Our team

We offer our clients a wide range of expertise in the fields of Smart Energy, Smart Mobility, Smart Industry, Smart Building, Deep Tech, Corporate Venture Capital and Startup assessment.

Jean-Marc Bally

Position : Aster Fab President
Education : INSEAD, Grenoble School of Management

Jonathan Williet

Position : Aster Fab Director
Education : EMLyon

Hélène Maxwell

Position : Aster Fab Consultant
Education : Grenoble School of Management

Our experts

Fabio Lancellotti

Position : Aster Investment Partner
Education : IESE, Politecnico Milan

Jérome Jouag

Position : Aster Investment Partner
Education : Cambridge Univeristy, Ecole Polytechnique

Raphaëlle Martin-Neuville

Position : Aster Associate
Education : Centrale Paris, ESCP Europe

Thomas Sartori

Position : Aster Associate
Education : ESSEC, Centrale Lille

Clara Juppé

Position : Aster Analyst
Education : HEC Paris

Adi Yefet

Position : Aster Tel-Aviv
Education : Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Brian Litvak

Position : Aster San Francisco
Education : ESCP Europe

Cécile Tirbonod

Position : Chief Financial Officer
Education : Sciences Po

Jordan Bouteiller

Position : Chief Technology Officer
Education : Mines ParisTech, Paris Dauphine University, ESIEA

Chama El Shamy

Position : Financial Controller
Education : Paris Descartes University

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