We love working with Aster Fab – they broaden our analysis horizon and increase the speed with which we move towards the future.
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Leading industry partners we’ve joined forces with…

Our expertise in emission-intensive industries


We empower OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers and the aftermarket to boldly embrace the electrification of vehicles.

An industrial lubricant supplier sought our expertise to explore the creation of a Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) fund dedicated to investing in sustainable alternatives. Read more here.


We support material suppliers, engineers, contractors, sub-contractors and commissioners in revolutionizing the construction industry.

In collaboration with a leading player, we delved into the emerging trends of hybridization in buildings. Through meticulous scouting, collaboration roadmaps and engagement with startups in this space, we make innovation strides. Read more here.


We enable chemical companies to construct sustainable product portfolios and foster collaboration across the value chain, driving a significant reduction in emissions.

Through a comprehensive assessment of its carbon footprint (scope 1, 2 & 3), we guided our client towards identifying key action levers to minimize emissions. Read more here.


We empower generators, TSOs, DSOs, utilities and retailers to revolutionize their services, delivering unparalleled flexibility in the industry.

Discover how we guided a TSO’s innovation department towards a targeted innovation roadmap, encompassing 4 clusters, 27 technologies, and 140 sub-technologies. Read more here.


We steer freight and cargo carriers, as well as transport operators, on a transformative journey towards large-scale decarbonization.

Discover how we facilitated a game-changing acquisition deal between a material handling supplier and a battery startup. From deal valuation to term sheet drafting, negotiation, and due diligence, our support paves the way for a new future. Read more here.


Through cutting-edge technologies, greener machinery, advanced waste management systems, and enhanced energy efficiency of equipment and buildings, we empower manufacturers to drive the transition to a low-carbon world.

Discover how we supported a renowned train manufacturer in industrializing its startup deal flow. With a finger on the pulse of the startup ecosystem and extensive research capabilities, we built a robust deal flow aligned with their decarbonization priorities. Read more here.


We empower mining companies to make audacious commitments and transform their decarbonization roadmaps into tangible action.

Discover how we enabled a leading mineral supplier to structure its engagement with Clean Tech startups, igniting a new era of innovation in the mining industry. Through tailored workshops and our proprietary methodology, we guided the strategy team to ask the right questions to curate a portfolio of open innovation vehicles. Read more here.


We empower nuclear players to unlock the full potential of nuclear energy by harnessing technologies in inherent safety, advanced manufacturing and revolutionary fuel design.

We partnered with a major nuclear player to evaluate the opportunity of investing in a startup specialized in 3D mapping of radioactive contamination on decommissioned sites, for safer and more efficient processes. Read more here.


We are at the forefront of supporting the oil & gas industry’s bold journey towards decarbonization, by empowering leaders to embrace technologies such as renewables, bioenergy, hydrogen, carbon capture utilization & storage (CCUS), and much more.

Discover how we collaborated with a prominent oil a gas player to shape and execute their transformation CCUS roadmap. Through our thorough scouting process, we identified 433 startups, carefully evaluated 41 of them, and initiated 5 impactful engagements. Read more here.

Our pillars

Some industries remain rooted in business as usual. Others are pioneers, shaping the future today. At Aster Fab, we are here to help you embrace sustainability, transform through innovative initiatives, and embed sustainability at the core of your operations.

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At Aster, we are a team of strategy consultants, industry experts, innovation managers, venture builders, investors, engineers, facilitators & more.

As we strive to be your go-to hub for sustainable innovation, our network extends far beyond our core team. We’ve nurtured a diverse pool of experts, including climate and sector-specific professionals, alongside skilled practitioners.

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