Our 6 innovation pillars, each driving transformative change

  • Strategy

    Clarify your pivotal role in industry transformation.

    Stay ahead of the curve by proactively tracking emerging trends and industry shifts, ensuring your company leads rather than follows.

    • Strategic Roadmap
    • Market & Trend Analysis
    • Industry Benchmarking
    • Value Chain Positioning
  • Culture

    Nurture a culture of transformative change.

    Cultivate a mindset that champions sustainable innovation and transformative change as the lifeblood of the company.

    • Executive Leadership Education
    • Sustainable Innovation Training
    • Ideation Workshops
    • Intrapreneurship Programs & Coaching
    • Improvement Audits & Feedback Loops
  • Technology

    Elevate mastery of climate technologies.

    Deepen your grasp of climate technologies, scrutinizing their intricacies to form strong convictions tailored to your corporate objectives.

    • Technology Mapping
    • Technology Readiness Level Assessment
    • Use Case Analysis
  • Programs

    Ignite targeted, sustainable innovation.

    Make innovation a cornerstone of your corporate DNA, catalyzing strong transformative change rather than incremental improvements.

    • Calls for Applications
    • Startup Scouting-as-a-Service
    • Business Unit Needs Mapping
    • Ecosystem Building
    • Incubator & Accelerator Startups Coaching
    • POC Facilitation
  • Business

    Expand offerings to meet demand.

    Seize the initiative in the market by aggressively scaling your innovation and establishing yourself as the industry standard.

    • Market Exploration
    • Prototyping
    • User Testing
    • Feedback Loops & Iteration
    • Business Model Innovation
  • Deals

    Deploy capital wisely for profound impact.

    Deploy your financial resources as strategic weapons, not just for profit, but to drive transformative change.

    • Investment Thesis Refinement
    • Technology & Financial Due Diligence
    • Deal Execution

A strong commitment to sustainability

As part of the Aster Family, we are immensely proud to be part of the below initiatives.


Emission-intensive sectors are our battlefield. We tackle the sectors stubbornly resistant to decarbonization fueled by technology gaps, staggering costs, and a profound absence of strategic restructuring.

Our industries


At Aster, we are a team of strategy consultants, industry experts, innovation managers, venture builders, investors, engineers, facilitators & more.

As we strive to be your go-to hub for sustainable innovation, our network extends far beyond our core team. We’ve nurtured a diverse pool of experts, including climate and sector-specific professionals, alongside skilled practitioners.

Meet the team