As part of its transformation efforts, our client had developed a series of digital initiatives to deliver added value to its clients. In particular, it had tested digital twin solutions with a few clients, but had not defined the commercial model for these services.

In this context, our client wanted to undertake a reflection around the ways to integrate digital services into its offering and define a pricing model.


We organized a workshop to:

  • Align the participants on the importance of monetizing and capturing the value of the services provided to its clients
  • Provide a thorough and prospective view on market trends in digital twin business models to identify potential options
  • Illustrated the case with business models of digital solution startups in the industry
  • Frame a thinking canvas to help the client identify new business models to test with its clients

Key figures

10+ people

We helped our client to acculturate 20 team members to Digital Twin services.

1st offer

We helped our client to launch its first Digital Twin offer in Q4 2020.