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Country lockdowns and the wave of disinfection should not only be seen as a factor of economic slowdown but as an opportunity to adopt new habits. 

The shift from ownership to access is a widely spread societal change that we strongly believe in — especially in the area of transportation. This new paradigm has fuelled the growth and success of many companies namely in the sharing economy and has become popular across all kinds of assets: houses (Airbnb), boats (Click & Boat), construction machinery (Tracktor) and much more. 

The Covid-19 pandemic calls into question the health and safety standards that prevail today for these usages:

  • While you can trust someone to take care of your car for a few days and not crash it into a wall, can you trust them to wash their hands before getting behind the wheel? Or to sneeze into their elbow? 
  • How reluctant would you be to rent a car on GetAround or Virtuo if you were clearly shown the concentration of bacteria on the steering wheel and gear stick?

At the end of the day, it’s not much different from taking the subway or the train, although our hygiene standards are much lower.

2 Key Figures

50 diinfection startups

listed worlwide (founded after 2010)

Today, the vast (bio)decontamination market is mainly focused on the health care and food industry verticals but it is beginning to spread to other ones, including the transportation sector.

Market size expected to reach $175 million by 2024

Markets & Markets estimates the industry to be worth $175 million by 2024, with a 6.1% CAGR from 2019. The relatively dynamic market is namely driven by technological advancements on the active ingredients (bio or not) and spraying technics. 

3 startups to draw inspiration from

This week, we identified three startups that we can draw inspiration from: Devea, Lidit, and Kinnos.


Sells an airborne surface disinfection system which uses centrifugation to produce an extremely fine fog (microdroplets technology).

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Sells an airborne surface disinfection system which uses a cold biocide nebulization technology.

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Sells a color additive for disinfectants designed to ensure full coverage and to minimize over-coverage and missed sprayed targets.

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