Marie Capdeville

Senior Consultant

Marie holds an MSc in International Sustainability Management from ESCP Business School, Berlin and Paris campuses, in addition to a bachelor in International Business Management from TBS Barcelona.

Living around the world has given me another perspective

Having grown up around the world, I have observed the staggering reality of climate change, desertification, extreme pollution, growing inequality and more. I think that’s what not only helped me develop a greater sensitivity to these issues and to see them as more tangible than other people might, but it also made it clear that I was never interested to take part of doing business as usual.

Challenging the status quo is what drives me

I find it difficult not to question existing patterns, whether in my personal of professional life. That’s why I decided to pursue an MSc in International Sustainability Management before starting my career in ESG rating of investment funds and to work towards a cleaner future. Convinced that industrial decarbonization needed to break out of its paralysis, I then decided to join Aster Fab to be a catalyst for this transformation. The ambition is clear: spark action among hard-to-abate executives by helping them harness and deploy low-carbon technologies at scale. We tap into the precious innovation resources that are startups and allow them to disrupt established companies and industries.

The golden age of resilience

A shift is observable in Europe. While there is still a long way to go, it is exciting to be at the forefront of this transformation, where climate change is no longer a debatable responsibility of the future but a matter of the present. From regulatory frameworks and a large pool of capital to a growing education and culture of social and environmental responsibility, Europe is leading the way. Not to mention the momentum with which clean tech startups are flourishing, attracting the presence of American funds, making the region a rich technological breeding ground.