We are delighted to be part of LeadershIP4SMEs, an EU research project under H2020, which aims to help IP-centric startups & SMEs better leverage their IP assets to access adequate funding.

Intellectual property rights (IPR) can be an ignored value due to intangibility and missing ways / methods to consider it for the funding and investment of SMEs and start-ups. The EU-funded LEADERSHIP4SMEs project will support innovative SMEs and start-ups to improve and strengthen, and thus valorize their IPR, facilitating their access to adequate funding that is vital to their growth. The project will set a platform of specific tools to:

  • Strategically manage and place IPR in the business model and plan to attract
  • To define the most value-creating business strategy;
  • To better value and protect their intangible assets;
  • To generate business and encourage collaborations;
  • As well as to help identifying financial guarantees, at regional, national and
    European level.

The platform relies on a compilation of the best practices in the domains of IPR management, business acceleration and funding that allows a better valuation of IPR and acts as an online hub of support from IPR, innovation and business support, and private and public funding and cooperation.

In addition to the implementation of this platform, a support program for startups and SMEs is being deployed, with the aim of operationally helping beneficiaries to effectively leverage their IP assets to stimulate their growth.

The LEADERSHIP4SMEs consortium is made up of 8 European partners with complementary expertise about intellectual property protection and the financing of companies with high growth potential: Aster, BCR, bwcon, Bugnion, CNRS Innovation, Iceberg, INNOVA, KMU Forschung Austria.

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