123Fab #3

1 topic, 2 key figures, 3 startups to draw inspiration from

Urban logistics has become an issue of significant importance over the last decade, driven by the on-demand economy, urban population growth and the growing share of e-commerce.

Companies, especially those specialising in last mile delivery, have recently come under fire. While finding the right balance between maintaining optimal service during the Covid-19 crisis and protecting their workers and contractors is far from easy, people were quick to denounce practices deemed unfair and dangerous (Amazon not offering paid sick leave, Instacart not providing protective and cleaning suppliers…)

The last mile delivery market is undergoing a major shift, with innovative solutions transforming the way goods and parcels are delivered. Whether it involves drones or ground-based robots, autonomous delivery raises a series of questions that go beyond technology and price: how ready are cities to accept autonomous robots? What does this imply in terms of infrastructure? How can we ensure the safe movement of goods and people, and who is responsible? What would be the effect on employment?

2 Key Figures

35 autonomous last mile delivery startups

listed worldwide (founded after 2005)

Out of 137 last mile delivery startups, 26 of the 35 autonomous last mile ones are specialized in drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

Market size expected to reach $75.6bn by 2030

According to Allied Market Research, the autonomous last mile delivery market is poised to grow up to a $75.6bn business by 2030.

3 startups to draw inspiration from

This week, we identified three startups that we can draw inspiration from: Matternet, Starship, Flytrex.


This US company sells an integrated solution (drone, software and docking platform) to deliver packages up to 2kg within a 20km radius. The company is authorized to fly over Swiss cities and focuses on health deliveries.

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Designs autonomous robots able to navigate by themselves in city centers and deliver packages within a 6km radius. The company has raised $80 M.

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This israeli company is specialized in autonomous drones for Food and small retail deliveries. The company also operates in Iceland and in a private estate in North Dakota.

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