Our client has long been a leading manufacturer of machinery for the construction, agricultural and logistics sectors.

More specifically, in recent years, the group has been developing electric machinery. Within the framework of this strategic orientation, our client has a double challenge: to invest in innovative technologies and to develop its electric vehicle business in order to present a competitive offer that meets the market’s needs.

Aster Fab’s mission was to support our client in the closing of a deal with a modular battery startup. In addition, Aster Fab has been commissioned to work on other M&A deals carried out by the group.


  • Valuation of the startup using five different methods (comparable company analysis, precedent transactions, DCF analysis, R&D headcount, replacement cost value)
  • Structuring the acquisition proposal by drafting the letter of intent setting out the terms, governance, management package, performance criteria, etc
  • Assistance, coordination and negotiation with all stakeholders throughout the process until the completion of the transaction
  • Support in the preparation of separate documents for the governance bodies: Audit Comittee, Strategic Committee and Board of Directors
  • Coordination of the due diligence and the closing of the deal

Key figures



of the valuation

deal negotiated at half the price initially expected by the founders