In a context of growing importance of EVs, our client’s core business (lubricant supplier) in thermal systems was set to be disrupted.

Driven by the belief that startups are a goldmine for its profound transformation, the client’s Innovation department wanted to explore the opportunity of creating a CVC.

Aster Fab’s mission was to support the client in its thinking and design the presentation to the board.


The final deliverable was structured in 4 steps:

  • Benchmark and best practices to give the client food for thought on the variety of CVCs that exist and their key performance indicators.
  • Investment strategy and thesis to support the client in defining these two key elements. On the one hand, we helped the client define the investment criteria (startup maturity, geography, portfolio model, ticket size, etc). On the other hand, we fine-tuned the topics of interest to reach a higher level of granularity.
  • Structure and governance to support the client in the architecture of the CVC fund. Topics included fund size, level of independence, legal status, governance operating model, processes, document templates, etc.
  • Calendar for structuring the workflows for the launch of the CVC.

Key figures




calendar to structure the next steps.

> 2,500

sourced in their strategic areas of focus to initiate their deal flow.