With over 1 million startups operating in the world, it takes time and expertise to build a robust deal flow. Yet, its quality is the cornerstone of success of Open Innovation, CVC, M&A and Strategy teams.

Aster Fab’s mission was to build for our client a robust startup deal flow from scratch, and then, throughout the last four years, to be in charge of qualified deal sourcing.


  • Mapping of the topics and technologies of strategic interest to the group
  • Selection of 10 topics to carry out deep dives on throughout the year
  • Technology studies to deepen the group’s knowledge of a given technology and analysis of weak signals: technology analysis, patent analysis, fundraising analysis, competitor benchmark, mapping of the startups populating the space, etc.
  • On-going outbound sourcing on strategic topics
  • Qualification calls with the most promising startups
  • Bi-monthly presentations to the client of qualified startup opportunities

Key figures

deep dive studies

conducted throughout the year


entries in the deal flow

qualified startups

presented to the client