Engagement with startups was carried out by a few isolated business units. The Strategy team asked us to think about the structuring of a future Open Innovation department, the vehicles to deploy and how to structure them.


  • Carried out an audit on their knowledge of the different vehicles available at hand
  • Definition of the objectives of the future open innovation department in line with the group’s strategy
  • Evaluation of the different vehicles to meet these objectives
  • Selection of 5 complementary vehicles to form a portfolio
  • Definition of a ramp-up roadmap (walk, run, fly) for the deployment of these vehicles and associated human resources
  • Support in the design of the future governance

Key figures

open innovation vehicles

were recommended to make up the client’s portfolio.


were conducted to grasp a better understanding of competitors’ open innovation vehicles.


were organized to co-construct the client’s open innovation strategy, roadmap and next steps.