Léonard Steger

Léonard Steger

Head of Sales & Customer Success

Léonard holds a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing and e-commerce from Montpellier Business School 

Driven by a Fresh Mission: Navigating the Realm of Green Tech Startups 

My career took a turn over the past decade, steering me away from conventional B2B tech startups to embrace a new and purpose-driven mission. Amidst, the dynamic landscape of sustainable innovation, Aster Fab stood out to me as a beacon of inspiration founding partner of Clean Tech for Europe; 20+ year legacy in the venture capital ecosystem marked by notable success stories through its parent company Aster Capital 

Unraveling the Environmental Puzzle: Addressing Hard-to-Abate Industries 

Taking on the hard-to-abate industries, such as construction, energy, manufacturing, oil & gas, and transportation, is like unraveling the environmental puzzle at its core. Each of these sectors presents intricate challenges and contributes significantly to carbon emissions, making them pivotal players in the broader narrative of sustainability.  

Currently, 50% of the necessary technologies remain undiscovered, underscoring the complexity of the task at hand. However, within this landscape of uncertainty, there exists a ray of promise in the form of emerging technologies such as Hydrogen, Waste Heat Valorization, Batteries, Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) and more. While not yet enjoying widespread adoption, these nascent innovations hold the potential to significantly reshape the future trajectory of these industries. 

Wine: A Passionate Ode to Slowness and Nature 

In a world where the concept of time elasticity has become a distant memory, given the emphasis on speed in our current system, my passion for wine lies in the exceptional relationship forged with longer times and preserved nature. This is why I chose to undergo training to become a Sommelier, allowing me to contemplate the beauty of nature through the slow lenses of vine growing and wine aging.