In a context of growing pressure on the grid, the Innovation department of a major European Transmission System Operator (TSO) wanted to set its innovation priorities for the coming year.

Convinced that the work done internally lacked methodology, Aster Fab’s was asked to map all the technologies of strategic focus.


We carried out a study into four steps:

  • A megatrend analysis to paint a complete picture of all megatrends impacting TSOs in the short and long term. By combining this analysis with the group’s strategy, we were able to identify all the associated challenges for our client.
  • Technology analysis to scout and navigate through the technologies to address these challenges. Through this analysis, we were able to prioritize and categorize the technologies and sub-technologies.
  • Technology map to present in a visual way to the board the technologies of focus. 5 clusters, 27 technologies and 140 sub-technologies were mapped.
  • Prospective analysis on 10 selected sub-technologies to give our client a first flavour of potential applications, the startups operating in the space and other weak signals of interest.

Key figures


in the mapping.


in the mapping.


in the mapping.